Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator

Regulatory Frameworks to deliver the energy transition.

Creating fair and inclusive regulatory structures.

Regulatory frameworks set out the rules and responsibilities of regulators. They can either enable or restrict them to address challenges surrounding the energy transition. RETA and its Delivery Partners are working to empower energy regulators to promote decarbonization in the race to net zero. 

Over the next year, three projects will addres this issue. RAP will share the results of their most recent report, which covers the challenges and solutions for regulators dealing with decarbonization, with policy makers around the globe. At the same time, the World Bank will run a programme on market design and Energy Innovation will address some key questions regarding the role of hydrogen in the energy system. 


Project highlights.

March 2024

Report launch: Elevating the Priority of Decarbonization in Energy Regulators’ Decision Making

During the RETA Roundtable on the 20th of March, the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)  launched their report on Elevating the Priority of Decarbonization in Energy Regulators’ Decision Making. The report is foundational for RETA and covers the rationale for the acceleration of the clean energy transition, highlights of the interviews with 25 regulators and five experts and offers an in-depth look at nine examples of creative prioritization of decarbonization in regulatory decision making. The report’s nine examples are complemented by two dozen more on the report’s webpage, to provide a more global perspective of regulators’ experiences of implementing decarbonization. The report concludes with findings and recommendations for policymakers, regulators and RETA to support the elevation of decarbonization in regulatory decision making. Please feel free to share this report and the other resources within your networks.