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What is RETA?

About RETA.

The accelerator is an initiative to enhance the capacity of regulators to increase the speed of the clean energy transitions.

It works directly with energy regulators in order to facilitate knowledge sharing, peer to peer learning and thought leadership on regulatory issues. It acts as well as a central resource for regulators to seek knowledge products and regulatory tools that can help mitigate challenges regulators face when trying to regulate for the sustainable, affordable and secure energy systems of the future.
The Accelerator was launched at COP26 by Ofgem, IEA, IRENA, RMI and the World Bank along with regulators from around the world as part of the Green Grids Initiative.

What we do?

Areas of work.

The Accelerator is intended to enhance the capacity of energy regulators to contribute to decarbonisation of energy systems effectively, swiftly, and fairly through enhancing enhancing exchanges and communicating best practices in the following areas.

Network Planning
for wide scale electrification

Meeting the technical challenges of
expanding power systems.

Flexible, renewable-based systems

Managing increasing levels of variable renewables.


Making best use of regional resources.

Regulatory frameworks
to deliver the energy transition

Creating fair and regulatory structures.

Fair and inclusive energy

Ensuring that equity is at the heart of energy transitions.




Australian Energy Regulator

Australia (Western)

Economic Regulation Authority

Canada (Québec)

Régie de l’énergie du Québec

Canada (Ontario)

Ontario Energy Board

Cayman Islands

OfReg, Utility Regulation and Competition Office


EgyptERA, Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency


CRE, Energy Regulatory Commission


GNERC, Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission

Great Britain



Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources


Israeli Electricity Authority


ARERA, Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment


Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority


Energy Regulatory Commission


ANRE, National Electricity Regulatory Authority

New Zealand

Commerce Commission

New Zealand

Electricity Authority


NVE-RME, Energy Regulatory Authority


Osinergmin, Regulatory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining

Saint Lucia

National Utilities Regulatory Commission


Energy Market Authority

USA (Federal)

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Commissioner Allison Clements Office

USA (California)

Energy Commission

USA (California)

Public Utilities Commission

USA (Hawaii)

Public Utilities Commission


Utility Regulatory Authority

Regulatory networks


Canadian Association of Members of Public Utility Tribunals


African Forum For Utility Regulators


Latest news


November 03, 2021

RETA launch at the COP26.

The International Energy Agency (IEA), International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Ofgem and World Bank launched at the COP26 a global initiative “Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator” to accelerate the energy transition to provide clean, secure, and affordable supplies to everyone. Energy regulators have a key role to play in turning ambition into real-world action in hitting global climate goals. The Regulatory Accelerator enables them to collaborate to seize opportunities and solve problems to speed up the global energy transition at the lowest cost.

In particular, it can help countries with less developed energy systems to leapfrog the carbon-intensive paths other countries have previously taken.

The joint statement launched at COP26 can be found here.

May 09, 2022

First meeting of RETA Steering Committee

RETA’s Steering Committee held its first virtual meeting on Monday, 9 May 2022. The Steering Committee is composed of energy regulators from Great Britain, Australia, California, Egypt, France, Georgia, Kenya, Peru, Saint Lucia, and Singapore, for two-year renewable terms, together with the International Energy Agency, International Renewable Energy Agency and the World Bank. The Steering Committee, chaired by Jonathan Brearley, CEO of Ofgem, discussed and adopted the activities for the first year as well as RETA guidelines and rules defining its functioning.

The initiative’s goals have been confirmed as accelerating:

  • flexible, renewable-based systems;
  • regulatory frameworks to deliver the energy transition;
  • network planning for wide scale electrification;
  • regional interconnection
  • a fair and inclusive energy transition

These objectives are to be delivered through dissemination workshops, bilateral and multilateral exchanges, bespoke technical assistance and knowledge products.
The Steering Committee will meet at least twice a year. The date of the next meeting will be determined at a later stage.

June 21,2022

Accelerating the energy transition through international collaboration

The first public event held under RETA “Accelerating the energy transition through international collaboration” took place on 21 June. It brought together Audrey Zibelman, Vice President of Tapestry, X’s Electric Grid Moonshot and Jonathan Brearley, CEO of Ofgem to discuss the regulatory gaps for energy transition. It was followed by a panel discussion gathering several energy regulation experts and practitioners from around the world.

Agenda can be found here.

Ms Audrey Zibelman’s presentation can be found here.