Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator

Regional interconnection.

Making best use of regional resources.

Strengthening interconnection between grids can enhance energy security and contribute to decarbonisation by allowing more flexibility in the system.  Particularly for interconnectors between grids in different jurisdictions, regulators’ roles in facilitating and regulating them can be complex, especially in cases where they operate in very different ways.

RETA is working with regulators to understand and facilitate the exchange of good practices on the challenges they face when dealing with cross-jurisdictional interconnection projects. These can span from interregional planning, streamlining decision making and permitting processes, financing and cost recovery mechanisms, capacity use and power trade agreements, to harmonizing technical requirements.


Project highlights.

March 2023

Flagship Project Regional interconnectors’ initial survey

The International Energy Agency and the World Bank are collaborating on a flagship project on interconnectors, to provide examples and tools for regulators to ensure interconnectors increase flexibility in grids and the higher uptake of renewables.

An initial survey of RETA Participants and other energy regulators across 18 countries found that:

  • Institutional architecture, harmonisation of technical and regulatory requirements, planning and investment coordination came out as key challenges for regional interconnection.
  • However, the immediate attention point tends to differ depending on the global region, notably in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

Download the summary of the survey results here.